awkward and awesome Fridays?

sure, why not! so here's awkward and awesome Fridays. happening on a different day then usual, i know. but something is better than nothing, and i have some funny stories to share. hope you all will bear with me while i am adjusting to life at the moment. sheesh! when did things get to be so complicated?

p.s. i changed my URL of the site to: add it!

- tiny toilet seats in public restrooms. you know the ones, where you knees practically go up to your ears when you sit down. whats even worse is when bathroom stall doors have very wide open spaces so you are essentially peeing for an audience. hello little girl waiting with her mommy for me to be finish. 
- another toilet story...walking into a bathroom stall after someone just came out only to find they had forgot to flush the toilet and left a little surprise for you. yes, this is gross, but i felt it necessary to share because this happens way more often than it should.
- having a nice old lady shove 50 ballots into the winners box to be called to have won this months Josh Groban tickets, and then having to tell her that she's disqualified for breaking the rules (only one entry). "i'm sorry ma'am, but the rules clearly state only one entry per person. i'm going to have to take you out of the running." outcome, i have never heard an old lady swear so much in my entire life. don't get between an old lady and her Josh Groban.
- having my skin peel due to the nasty burn i got while on the honeymoon. i'm a snake, people! and am shedding everywhere!! remedies por favor?

- i know i graduated a few months ago. but technically i needed to take a few more summer classes to be up to par with my credits. but last night (at 10:41 PM) i officially turned in my last college paper. it's done people! i'm a college graduate! now if only a job would magically appear so that all that hard work doesn't seem like a waste.
- finally getting to plan get togethers with my friends. oh how i've missed you all!
- not having anywhere to live after our honeymoon only to find that one of our family friends has asked us to housesit for them for the entire month. score! and let me tell you, this house is so stinkin' beautiful, i'm in heaven!
- husband (yes, i just said husband!) and i have begun doing fun games every night while getting ready for bed. last night was robot night! bee boo boop! try brushing your teeth in robotic's hard.
- i can't remember if i mentioned this or not but i got to go parasailing while in saint maarten. always been on my bucket list. check and check. AMAZING!


  1. Congrats on being completely done with school! What a great feeling. I can just picture you two brushing your teeth like robots haha.

  2. congratulations with school & for being married! i can't wait for that moment when the beau & me decide to tie the knot! :)

  3. Yay for being done with college papers!! You and the husband are so cute, I've never done the robot thing...have a great weekend girly :)


  4. haha those photos are so cute! sorry about the nasty burn - aloe is obviously a good way to go, or just lotion without alcohol.

    x. jill

  5. cute blog! so excited to be following it!



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