and so the packing begins

and here is what i wore. i'm not a fan of packing. there is just something always so depressing about putting all of your things into boxes, and taking them somewhere new. maybe it's just me, i'm not a big fan of change. hence why i proceeded to bawl my eyes out today at work, as it was my last day with my kiddos. i loved the family i nannied so so much, and their mom is a gem. she gave me the sweetest going away presents ever and we both cried reminiscing down memory lane throughout the years. miss you all already! but at least we had our last day end with a bang! and by that, i mean a party (bouncy houses and dunking booths included).

so i guess this means that i am officially an unemployed college graduate, joining the rest of society during this economic downturn! oh well. i am going to celebrate the rest of this day FINALLY getting a start on packing, doing laundry and watching the marathon of "sex and the city" in my scrubs. exhibit a)

p.s. i really am starting to get bored of my blogging template. does anyone have any awesome recommendations for blogger template sites? i could use all the help i could get get. for how much i blog, i really am not blogger savvy.


  1. i love your outfit! you can try they've got very sweet vintagy templates (:

  2. If you like Sex And The City, this one is kind of funny:

    Enjoy :)

  3. the outfit is too cute! love the belt!

  4. Aw, you are so adorable. I love your style. :) I've always hated packing is depressing. The only time I enjoyed it (somewhat) was when I was moving out of my apartment to the townhouse just before I got married! That was kinda fun. :)

  5. I would try Shabbyblogs or The Cutest Blog on the Block for new templates! :D

    And awe I bet this was a bittersweet time...the children you were a nanny for look so cute and silly. :) I hope there's a job out there for you soon!

  6. Your outfit is so cute! Also, how is your love story real...? How does that actually happen to people? I came to your blog because you commented on mine (thank you so much, by the way), and you're lovely! As for blogger templates... I have no idea.


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