here's to happiness

10 Things that make Sarah ever so happy

1. Hiking & Climbing & Being outside in general
2. Making it to an amazing vista after climbing for hours
3. My boyfriend & Friends & Family
4. Boo Radley- my (large) mini dachshund
5. Looking at my home city (NYC) the way a traveler would see it instead of taking it for granted
6. Star Gazing
7. The golden hours before the sun sets
8. Photography
9. Lazy Sunday afternoons
10. Road trips (preferably in a convertible.. red.. 2 seater. Unless it's with a ton of friends.. than in an RV or many convertibles.)

Sarah and i have been blog buddies for a few months now and i simply adore her site, so make sure to check it out and see what fun adventures she's up to with her and her furry companion, boo! thanks again for participating Sarah! so if you'd like to join in on the fun and get some blog lovin' too, become a follower and email ME (tj) along with an awesome picture! Happy Friday!


  1. Lazy Sundays are the absolute best....especially if a little nap time gets in there! Happy holiday weekend!
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  2. That photo is insanely cool - the view is gorgeous <3

  3. couldn't agree more with #5.

    xo, lizzie

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with lazy Sundays! You just don't wanna plunge into the work week so soon, so you just simply sit around and enjoy relaxing as much as you can. Reminds me a little of Bruno Mars' "Lazy Song". haha

  5. That photo is breath taking! Love this, so so cute!

  6. The picture, and number 1 and 2 are awesome, I couldnt agree more.

    LOL and the last one has me envisioning a convertible train!

    New follower here, cant wait to

  7. Love Sarah's happy picks! :) she's a sweetie!

  8. i forgot about these rockstar inspired posts! i will have to revive this on my own blog! here's to happiness!!!


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