awkward and awesome Thursdays

- in the middle of class I moved and my chair squeaked (i swear) and my teacher felt the need to call me out in front of everyone and actually asked if i farted! seriously! good thing it's a small class!
- getting lingerie as gifts during my bridal shower in front of my mom and soon-to-be-mother-in-law. everyone knows it's coming, but that doesn't make it any less awkward.
- people self-inviting themselves to your wedding. what's the proper etiquette to let them know they are NOT invited?

- going to the premiere of Harry Potter tonight with mr. taylor! so sad that it's come to an end! now i only have twilight to look forward to.
- picking up our marriage license today! booya!
- FINALLY getting my dress back! now i have to get one last alteration. hope everything fits! (nervous)
- cake tasting! it wasn't as epic as i thought it would be, but fun nonetheless. i mean, it's cake!
- spending some much needed time with friends this past week. i missed you all!
- rude lady must not have gotten the job because i have not seen her since the second "incident". a part of me feels bad, but then i remember her little finger action towards me and i don't feel bad anymore.


  1. hahaha.
    I can imagine getting lingerie, eep! And what the heck is up with people inviting themselves??

    What cake did you choose?

  2. lol at the seat situation!
    i can't believe people would self-invite themselves to your wedding!!
    enjoy harry potter!!! so envious!!!

  3. I can't believe your teacher actually called you's a bit funny though. I'm going to try to watch Harry Potter this weekend...can't wait!!

  4. Ha - I really love these posts. They always make me laugh! Thanks for stopping over and encouraging me with my weight loss goals. :)

    xo Mysterious M

  5. Ok this is the cutest outfit ever!! Second to the red summer dress with the cowboy boots though...but CLOSE second!
    Cant wait to see pictures from the wedding!! Youre going to look so gorgeous!! --as always :)

  6. who self-invites to a wedding!? superrr awkward.

  7. Have you gotten anything worse than lingerie? If you know what I mean... now THAT'S awkward! Haha.

    And your teacher asked if you farted!?!? That is crazy!!


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