another one bites the dust

(don't mind the cheesy high school pictures in the background. luckily the sun just so happen to hit at the right spot and glare mine out. phew!)
i went down one reader yesterday. i will admit, one single tear did drop in its place. i can't help it though, i just love all you readers and your lovely comments / emails. it's okay though, having you all still here makes up for it! so from now on i will try not to disappoint. good news is, all you DYING to catch a glimpse of my alterations are taking place as we speak. we are officially at the one week mark people. can i get a "woot, woot"! i just hope my dress does not disappoint. but i must say, i am quite fond of it and the lovely fabric in which it possesses! i'm just saying. 
moving on. sooooo today i must stay focused, as i have a two and a half hour presentation to give later tonight for a class. yes, you heard me right. TWO AND A HALF HOUR PRESENTATION! who does that? me apparently. so if you want to sneak in and enjoy a lovely conversation on the nineteenth century white supremacy, the power of euro-american colonialism and lynching (super depressing, i know) feel free to make an appearance. your smiling faces will get me through it! other than that, enjoy this lovely Wednesday and get your style on!

p.s. one of my BFF's gavi was seen on TV earlier today and performed her new song, "Sorry I'm Not Sorry". Perfection. So so so proud of you girl! you rocked it! if you're in the seattle area this weekend, she's performing at the "Triple Door" on friday at 5:30 right before Thomas Starks. come come come and support the music of gavrielle! Xo girl


  1. I can't wait to see your dress, I'm sure it's breath taking because you have such great style. Hope your presentation goes well, I'm not sure I could ever do one that's 2 1/2 hours!!

    All the best,

  2. Oh my goodness. Two. And. A. Half. Hours. For my speech class, I freaked out when I had to do a 7 minute persuasive speech! Goodness, you got guts. And especially about lynching...I think I'd twitch repeatedly if I had to talk about that.


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