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SO excited to share this "10 things" list. jill is a good friend of mine from high school, and her cute little family she has created is perfect to boot! so without further adieu...

10 things that make Jill ever so happy:

1. Barton. My husband makes me very happy. I look forward to the minute he comes home everyday from work!
2. Holden Bear. My little busy man. He is handsome and a wonderful son.
3. Everlily. She is perfect. She has a special spirit that calms everything in our home when she smiles. (That is why I attached a pic of her smiling. It kills me everytime!)
4. Lake Chelan... it is pure relaxation and great memories for me. 
5. Kauai, the island has amazing healing power and when I think about being there, it makes me HAPPY! (Also a photo from there of my boys paddling!)
6. My family. Although family can be difficult to deal with, they are my rock!
7. Girl's Nights. Getting together with friends always brings a smile to my face!
8. Long boarding... i'm not very good at it and haven't been doing it long, but it's really fun and freeing.
9. Funny movies, like She's the Man, I laugh EVERYTIME
10. Babies. Not only my baby, but all babies! They are just so darn cute and snuggly. I love holding them and have no problem asking someone if I can hold their babes because i love it so much! haha

thanks jill for sending in your lovely list of "10 things that make me ever so happy". if you'd like to join in on the fun and get some blog lovin' too, become a follower and email ME (tj) along with an awesome picture! Happy Friday!

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  1. I <3 Jill :) Everlily is too cute. And we're going to Kauai in a few weeks for the first time so that first pic makes me excited!


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