death row

hello fellow bloggers. i feel i have been neglecting you for a while, and for that i apologize. these last two weeks, and this week as well, have been extremely hectic with finals wrapped up in a pretty bow. four exams done, two more to go. blah. this weekend, however, has been a time devoted to relaxation. good thing too, because the sun decided to come out and play. it reached almost 80 degrees here...A.mazing! the sun continues to shine, but i write this now up in my bed, on death row. i started to get a cold on friday and it has turned its ugly head to be even worse every day since. and if that wasn't enough, i have a pretty rockin' sun burn to just put me out of my misery. curse me and my Norwegian skin. it didn't stand a chance. but let's get to the fun stuff.
on saturday, mr. taylor and i had a lovely date. we went to the UW Waterfront Activities Center, rented a canoe and took that bad boy out onto the water for three whole hours. our dinky canoe braved the hundreds of speed boats and yachts that also came out for the sun. we came across and fell in love with this  little stream that was no doubt straight out of The Notebook. instead of the white geese we were surrounded by TONS and TONS of white cotton wood that was falling from the sky and laying across the water. perfection! *well, as long as you don't have allergies or anything.
we parked our little canoe, #125, on a side beach and found a pretty little flower bed to have a fun little picnic in the sun. after lunch we were back out on the water where we found several turtles resting on logs. i have never seen turtles out on these waters before!

after the canoe ride, we ventured off for dinner at yummy teriyaki and headed to the movies to see x-men: first class. brilliant. never a dull moment. highly recommended. seriously. but really, when did movie tickets reach over $10? that is a bit ridiculous. i'm looking forward to the dollar theatre that provo will soon have to offer.
but sun burns, i was not kidding. i will spare you my own and just embarrass mr. taylor with his.
well, i leave you now. here's hoping for a speedy recovery and no-writers block for my last two essays. wish me luck!
*on to kleenex box #2

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  1. What an absolutely perfect day! There's nothing prettier than a sunny day in Washington - glad you took advantage of it. Prolly could have done without the burns though eh? :)


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