ceeeeelebrate good times

i have to note that i stole mr. taylor's business shirt. it makes for good fashion, so thanks mr.! moving on, i am so excited that it is finally the weekend! was it just me or did it seem like this week was terribly long and draining? mr. taylor rewarded me one night with a beautiful surprise after a long day at school. 
exhibit a)
so some of the highlights for this weekend are:
  • celebrating mr. taylor's 23rd birthday. huzzah! i'll post fun pictures on instagram. find me: stokkt
  • wedding planning (i.e. FINALLY heading out and grabbing some decorations). well overdue.
  • doing TONS of homework...oh how i have (not) missed you!
  • sleeping in. sleeping in. oh, did i mention sleeping in?
  • anxiously awaiting for the new episode of the bachelorette come monday! anyone else?
what fun things will you be doing this weekend? share with me and keep on following!


  1. What a sweet surprise!! Hope you and Mr. Taylor have an amazing time celebrating his birthday!!! I'm looking forward to watching Bad Teacher tonight...I'm in love with Justin Timberlake!!

  2. Aww how sweet of him! I am going to do some retail therapy this weekend.

  3. What a sweet outfit! i just love how casual can be so stylish! :) i am soooo glad the weekend is finally here!! i need to catch up on my rest!
    Have a super fun weekend! :)

  4. Can I puhllllleeeeaze have that necklace? :) J/k, but really, where's it from?

  5. hi,this is my new link YOUR FASHION CHIC
    i will close soon the other blog..follow me there and write me!!

  6. That's so sweet, and I love the outfit, but I just HAVE to know what books those are on your desk? Thanks :)


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