awkward and awesome Thursdays

who says "grunge" clothes can't be fashionable. today i just didn't really feel like wearing jeans. ever have those days? the last picture is probably my favorite. little teddy felt like joining in on the fun. he pulls at my little heart strings for sure!

- so mr. taylor and i ventured to the carwash the other day and quickly made our way to the mall to pick up some new dress shirts. two awkward things happened this particular day. one, when we parked at the mall and got out of the car we noticed that one of the large wash strands got stuck in the back windshield wiper of the mr.'s car. we spent 20 minutes driving on the freeway with this thing flapping in the wind totally oblivious. it took two days until we were finally able to pry that thing out of there.
exhibit a)
exhibit b)
- part two of this day. when we arrived i needed to take a little *ahem potty break. while washing my hands i hear a lot of screaming from the outside door. i come out to find three people wrestling on the floor, one of which with handcuffs. WHAT is going on?! mr. taylor was sitting by waiting for me along with a large crowd just watching from the sidelines. i still do not know what happened, but it was awkward to be the one coming out of that door completely unaware what was waiting on the other side. all eyes on me.
- in class today we talked about the overall ideas of monogamy and if it is un-natural to be with only one person. the conversation  was centered around the whole Weiner fiasco. in the middle of the discussion my teacher decides to share that at the beginning of his marriage his wife told him it would be okay if he decided to have an affair or two as long as he didn't tell her about it. umm, yeah....

- good bosses. the other day i wrote about how i went to work on a day i wasn't supposed to. not only did my boss (Terri - who is the bee knees!!) sincerely apologize for my mistake, she also paid me for my time. ALSO, she has been out of town for a week, in new york doing big things, and when she saw me this morning she came running over to give me a hug and told me that she misses me. what am i going to do once i get married and move away?! love you Terri!
- america's next top model re-runs. these play allll the time on oxygen. or as mr. taylor calls it, the women's channel. i love yelling at the tv believing i could walk better then all of the girls. although on my behalf a few of them i probably could....or so i tell myself.
- knowing that i'll be getting married in just 27 days now!
p.s. let me know if you want to guest post while i'm away on my honeymoon. i need 5 bloggers! shoot me an email :)


  1. I can't believe that thing got stuck on Eric's car! That is sooooo funny!

    I LOVE ANTM! I watch the series on Oxygen and Bravo ALL. THE. TIME. I've watched it so much that Chris knows episodes and winners by heart and who gets sent home which episode and the drama between so and so. It's sad. But that's why I love him :)

  2. Loving this blog

  3. ANTM is the best! That and SYTYCD. on my days off, i admit, they consume me sometimes.

  4. the photo of you and the pup is frame worthy. so so cute <3

    xo, lizzie

  5. oh my gosh! LOVE america's next top model re-runs! i think i've seen every episode now. whenever there's a marathon, i'm glued haha

  6. Don't know why I can't find your email but I would love to guest blog. Send me your email address and I can email you my idea!

  7. I just found your blog through Sarah!! Its so fun to find another LDS that likes that same things as me!!



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