awkward and awesome Thursdays

oh gosh, i can't believe it's already been a few days since i last posted here. i AM alive, i promise. thank you all for the amazing words of encouragement and prayers for a swift recovery. i'm doing a lot better, just a little soar. but i knew i couldn't let this week go by without an "awkward and awesome Thursdays" post. so here we go!

- so i'm on my way to my internship, trying to make a right turn at the light. of course now with all these intense photo enforced cameras i'm super paranoid and take my time making turns by doing complete stops and checking ever which way. so i'm proceeding to turn right when this c-RAZY woman behind me lays on the horn and makes inappropriate finger action. um excuse me, i'm turning as we speak, what is your problem?! i turn, she turns, i drive straight and she continues to ride my butt and lay on the horn. seriously, what is this ladies deal? no joke, this continues for 3 minutes until i make my final left turn into my work office. i check my review mirror and notice the annoying woman behind me make the same left turn. that's okay, there's plenty of other businesses within the office building (there's no way she's headed to the same one as me). i park and make my way to the garage elevator. as the door begins to close i hear a voice shout out, "hold the elevator!" i hold the elevator and low and behold.....the SAME bloody woman. i'm pretty sure my face turned bright red and steam fuming from my ears at this point. i'm not ENTIRELY sure if she realized it was me, but i gave her the coldest shoulder i possibly could the entire way up to the 5th floor. i get off, she gets off. no....way! i open the door to my office and she shoves me aside and goes in. really lady? i wasn't opening the door for you. luckily this was the last of where our paths crossed. she was there for an interview. is it bad that i mentally prayed she wouldn't get it?

- while playing outside with the kids i nanny, the six year old boy came running over to me, gave me a hug, kissed my cheek and told me that if i needed him he could be my knight in shining armor. no joke. mr. taylor better watch his back.
- having this guys doppelganger in my class. ponytail included.
- receiving our first wedding present in the mail the other day. i never knew i could be so excited over towels, but let me tell you, it's possible.
- and finally, this minor work done on my back has improved my posture tremendously. i know mr. taylor approves! of course, it's probably only temporary ; )


  1. Towels are always great to be excited over! :) But that lady...hmmm. She must have been having a bad day, or maybe she was running late for that interview. Oh well, she should not have brought other people involved in her craziness.
    Love the color of your cardigan!

  2. Ok... that dress is SO cute!! Love it!
    And that 6 year old sounds like such a sweetie! I love when kids say the sweetest things :)
    And that lady... what a beast! Ew!! I would've slammed on my breaks so that she could get the picture, or rear end me and pay for it all... ha!

  3. OMG your awkward story is CRAZY! I can't believe she followed you so far!

  4. thanks for comment...
    Giuseppe D'Urso is a fatastic designer!!!j'adore him :-)
    see you soon
    write me!!!

  5. wow! Thats really awkward. eeek.

  6. Your blogg is for sure one of my favorites! hahaha we totally are meant to be besties!?!?!? And omgee knight in shinning armor how adorable is that??? <3

  7. Your blog is very nice, I am glad you're recovering well from your surgery ! You and your guy make such a cute couple, best wishes for everything ! Kisses from Italy

    Fashion and Cookies

  8. Yay glad you're back and recovering from your surgery! What a crazy story about that lady... I bet she had quite the awkward moment herself when she realized the person she was pretty much harassing worked on the same floor as her interview!
    Dress is gorgeous!


  9. haha wow, insane story!
    love the UO dress. i have yet to invest in an all-over lace dress...and really want to!

  10. Haha niceee awkward story!

    Your outfit is super cute, too! I love the pink + white combo. So chic!


  11. That is THE rudest woman ever. She probably didn't get the job. How can she possibly go in to the interview so flustered and aggravated with life and GET the job? If I were you I would have used a voodoo doll...

    On that note.. Yay you're first wedding gift! I'm so excited for you and Eric!


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