awkward and awesome Thursdays

it's that day of the week again, awkward and awesome Thursdays! i hope you all have been joining in on the fun and making some of your own lists. i have just adored reading all of them! so here we go:

- looking to your right, while waiting at a red light, only to see the woman next to you full finger up the nose picking away. somehow i felt this was more awkward for me then for her to witness this....{shiver}.
- i told a friend that i got paid to dance to "shake your booty" for an hour. needless to say, she got the wrong impression. i now feel it important to state that i am a nanny and the kids came up with a cute dance to the song. perhaps i should have explained beforehand. ha!
- running into people you went to high school with. why is that always so awkward?

- graduating from college!! i've mentioned this a few times on the blog, but it finally happened this weekend. Wooooooooo!
- my sister and soon-to-be-sister-in-law graduating from high school this same week!
-'super 8'. i have to admit, after much hesitation to see this with mr. taylor, the movie was quite excellent. those kids are going to be mega stars!
-receiving TONS of RSVP letters in the mail for the wedding. 41 days to go!!
- finally getting my engagement pictures back {as seen above}


  1. I am so glad I just "happened" upon your blog, it is so fabulous! Looking forward to reading more :)

    p.s. the pictures = gorgeous!

  2. Your pictures are so cute! Love them.

  3. I just discovered your blog and the name is really unique and I love the awesome and awkward spins! I'm following and look forward to more awesome and awkward posts!

  4. I always find running into people from high shcool awkward too...I actually thought of your posts you do for awkward but awesome thursdays when I posted the "awkward" photo in my recent post. Your engagement photos are beautiful.

  5. lovely photos! the first one's my favourite!


    And tell me, are those heart-shaped twigs on purpose or just miraculously serendipitous?

  7. OMG... I am in love with these pictures.. they are so beautiful, you can feel the love :)

    Anyways, speaking of mid-pick stories. I was once driving down the highway and looked over to see the man in the next car mid-pick. I laughed and told the rest of the passengers in the car. When we all looked back, the man *no lie* had his finger IN HIS MOUTH. Even thinking of it now makes me gag.

    Sorry to share that disgusting tidbit with you! haha... did I mention the pics are beautiful? :)

  8. LOL!! I love that - we pulled up next to this really cute girl one time (totally not the type to do this, basically) and she was gabbing away on the phone and digging like crazy - it was hilarious! Awesome photos!!

  9. This is a funny post. Cute! Congrats on your engagement and very near wedding. Good luck with the final preparations. Maybe you could show off your "shake your booty" dance at the wedding.

    Miss Bias

  10. your pictures are beautiful!!!!!


  11. engagement pictures are gorgeous! want to see more :) & seriously, I hate running into people from high school! i got rid of facebook and changed my number so I wouldn't see them or hear from them anymore. and a lot of them still run around this town. so glad im moving to california!

  12. love this idea for a post! so cute. and you guys are just beyond adorable!

  13. haha yeah, why IS running into people from high school so awkward?

    Have a great weekend and wow, the pics are gorgeous!

  14. i just saw your button with the bush background and have to ask - did you get your engagements taken at the peace garden in SLC? or is there another place with a bush that looks exactly like the place we got our engagements!


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