awkward and awesome Thursdays

here we are again, awkward and awesome Thursdays. has it really been another whole week already? i got great responses from the last one of these bad boys so i hope that i can surpass your expectations on this one. here we go:

- having to pick up a whole trail of dog poop on the kitchen floor that one of the boys dragged in. i don't know if this is more so gross than awkward, but it's going on the list.
- being mistaken for someone else - i was tapped on the shoulder as the guy called me jessica. i turn around. he continues to talk. i let the poor boy finish before letting him know i was not who he thought i was.
- fact. i got peed on by a slug during the taking of these pictures. yeah, i don't know how that happened either.
- being called ma'am. really? stab to the heart. i'm too young for this.
- getting a GREAT paycheck when i worked 1/4 of my usual hours. the power of tithing? i think so.
- mr. weather man saying it should reach up to 75 degrees come saturday. i sure hope you are right mr. weather man. i need it right about now!
- picking up my cap and gown for graduation. a clown and popcorn were provided at the festivities. this was definitely awesome!
- for starting my internship, TODAY! yay! with that in mind, i feel it is my duty to spread the word that everyone should listen to WARM 106.9. it was so great getting to call people to let them know they've won prizes. you get a whole round of interesting people. some cry, some scream, some just seem annoyed that you are calling. the best was when a 70 year old man won tickets to Weird Al. he was one of the ones who screamed for joy....
- and lastly, thank you for all of the amazing uplifting comments and emails. my week has definitely gotten better.


  1. thank you for the lovely comment! i'm following now!

    keep in touch!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  2. A 70 year old man screamed for joy at Weird Al?! That made me laugh so much :) And wow, getting peed on by a slug is kinda awkward...haha.

  3. hahah those are some pretty awkward moments. What did that guy (the jessica guy) even say to you??

  4. Definitely and AWESOME thursday :) you look lovely!

  5. i hate being called ma'am! especially when it's like an 18 year old boy because that's the age i see myself as even though i'm 26 now haha.. whatever 26 is still to young to be called ma'am.. i'm thinking that should be reserved for the ma'ams over 40.

    your internship sounds pretty fantastic!

  6. I love this TJ :)
    The only part that makes me sad is that I am not mentioned in this :P <3

  7. Amen on the tithing, sister! When we lwt go of what doesn't belong to us anyways, amazing things happen!


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