where's waldo

i'm seeing stripes people and i like them! the sun might be in hiding, but i decided against my dresses doing the same. so here they are, still rockin'. 

last night was an interesting experience to say the least. after spending a total of 13 hours at school my mind was completely fried. needless to say, i was a bit delirious. after driving my tired, ahem, behind, over to mr. taylor's we decided on the fun, light hearted family film, Toy Story 3. i laughed, i gasped, i did all that was fun. the end was where it got a little weird, and if mr. taylor is reading this i apologize. now this is not my first time watching the film. and yes, i was one those pathetic people in the theatre who proceeded to cry at the lovely ending. i'm also one of those people who cries even the 5th time around. but i'm going to have to blame my reactions last night as shear exhaustion, because it was to the point of excessive. the end of the film came, andy looks back to see woody waving at him with the help of the little girl bonnie. as andy then drives away to college woody says one last time, "goodbye partner." now THIS is where it got weird as i began to not pretty cry, but full on BAWL...the shaking and nose dripping combo. mr. taylor looks over at me only to laugh, then hug and give a sweet little smooch. 10 minutes later and i'm still bawling. seriously, what is wrong with me? he's so sweet. i'm sure anyone else in their right state of mind would have thought i was a complete looney and walked away. so thank you mr. taylor. and i promise, next time we watch that movie, i'll make sure i'm not so tired.
please tell me i'm not the only one who cries at this film??


  1. Yes, I cry at the Toy Story movies. :-) LOL. And you're not looney... just a girl, who's tired. ;-) At the beginning of my pregnancy, I made some biscuits, and I was eating them while watching TV with my hubby. As I ate the last biscuit, I got kinda bummed (there were even more in the kitchen...), and in my head thought, "Aw man. I ate all the biscuits off my plate."

    Then... out of NOWHERE, I BURST into tears! Just like you... bawling, shaking, hysterically crying and nose-dripping going on. I mean, granted... it was crazy pregnancy hormones, but still... why the heck was I crying? It actually took a minute for me to realize that eating my biscuits made me break out into hysterics. LOL. And then THAT thought made me laugh. So I laughed hysterically... before crying again. LOL.

    Hubby did the same thing your Mr. Taylor did. He was very sweet (thank God!)... and understood I was just tired and emotional. I cried for several minutes, then regained composure and said, "I think I need more biscuits..." LOL. I ended up eating like NINE biscuits that night! LOL.

    So yeah... you're not alone. ;-)

  2. Love your dress! I quite liked TS 3 as well! I don't remember crying though...

  3. I didn't cry, but I do remember wanting to play with my barbies really badly!!

  4. Hi!

    Thank your for your sweet comment on my blog. :)

    And don't worry, I cried at To Story 3 too! How can you not? I'll share a secret with you, I still BAWL my eyes out in A Little Princess ... I have only watched it 50 times :D

    And your dress if gorgeous :)


  5. Lady, you look so fabulous in that red striped dress ^^ I never saw the toy story movies, I do have a playstation 1 (that's an oldie) game with buzz :D x

  6. You are so gorgeous! I'm loving the stripes!

    I do NOT watch movies that make me cry when I'm tired. Because I end up bawling the rest of the night until I go to sleep haha!
    (Surprisingly I didn't cry while watching Toy Story 3, but I don't think I was paying too close attention to the movie.)

  7. Love the stripes. So cute. And I got misty-eyed at the end of Toy Story 3. It's so sad!

  8. Oh man! Along with almost everyone else commenting on this, I cried when I saw Toy Story 3!! I only saw it in theatres and as I remember bawling and looking over and the boyfriend and he was crying too...(he'd hurt me if he knew I was telling his secret haha!) I believe I cry in all 3 movies...just tugs at the heart strings! I probably would have laughed at you too but it would have been a love laugh!

    p.s. you look FABULOUS in the outfit above!!

  9. Love the "waldo" dress.
    I have a similar shirt :)

  10. you look absolutely STUNNING! i'm loving the red :)

  11. This is my favorite outfit. By far. You know how I feel about red...

  12. Love the shoes !

    check out my blog :)


  13. oooh I love this! my outfit on my blog today was actually similar, and my blue striped dress was from forever 21 as well. :)I just found this blog today and I love it! i will be back because I looove your style!



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