day four

i had one of those mornings where you push the snooze at least 7 times. my brain was functioning but my eyes were not so cooperative. i woke up with 20 minutes to get ready. i kind of cheated with grabbing the comfy clothes again, but hey, at least i put more effort into the make-up and accessories department. it's amazing how much those little things can make a difference, huh? the rest of my day will consist of work, homework, more work, and then date night with mr. taylor. FINALLY!
happy thursday!
p.s. if you're into photography, here are just a few of my favorites in the local area. take a look:
Andria Lindquist
Kristen Marie
Ben Blood
Sean Flanigan
Julie Harmsen

p.p.s i want to start featuring some of you lovely readers on my blog starting next week. email me 10 things in your life that make you ever so happy, along with a picture to boot at keep on following!

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