they'll name a city after us

hello fellow bloggers! sorry i have been MIA lately. school and work have been taking up all of my time. since nothing new is to report and no pictures to show, i thought i'd spend this post just letting you all get to know me and fiancé a little better. 
eric and i met our junior year of high school. in first period there was an open seat next to him. the first thing he jokingly told me was that he would never remember my name. ohhh how that has changed. from the very beginning eric and i were extremely close. we had every class together that same year, but it wasn't until the summer we became best friends. we told each other that we liked each other and then we graduated.

eric and i went to different universities but we stayed close. one year later he left to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. for those two years eric and i sent emails and letters back and forth. and then he came home.

and then we started dating. and then got engaged.

we're getting married in less than 80 days and we could not be more excited! in the mean time, we spend as much time as we can together in the midst of jobs, school, internships and friends. i wouldn't trade any of it for the world. i graduate from the university of washington in one month. after the wedding, i'll leave seattle to move to utah with eric for him to finish up one more year at brigham young university. then it's off to san francisco or new york, and a lifetime of world traveling with my best friend.
we're still anxiously awaiting for our engagement pictures. keep posted!


  1. You're the handsomest couple I know! I was totally there in that first picture when you two graduated. Seems like it's been forever! Can you just get married already!?!?! I'm bursting with excitement to see your engagement pics!

  2. You guys are entirely too adorable together! So excited for you. I love weddings!

  3. Loved reading about you two! You are a beautiful couple :) So exciting!

  4. You are both ADORABLE!!! How exciting that your BIG wedding day is so close...can't wait to hear all about it and see the beautiful pictures!

    Liesl :)

  5. Okay my last comment... I promise. But I just had to say that your husband is spitting image to that one guy off of Laguna Beach, why can't I remember his name!? K it's Stephen I think... You have to of heard this before, it's crazy! You guys make an adorable couple! Oh and so I don't have to leave ANOTHER comment, ha ha I saw that you posted Gentri's party thing! I am going to this, hope I see you there!


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