rainy days

*fair warning, this post is a debbie downer for sure:
rainy, lazy days. today has been a little of a blah day for me. no fun. i feel i am in dire need of a mini-vacation of some sorts. perhaps a trip up to canada will do the trick. i just need to get out of this funk. the drizzly, cold weather can only last for so long before it starts driving us seattlites up the wall. i must be its first victim. some words of encouragement from you fellow bloggers is much appreciated.
in the meantime, i must get back to hours of studying and writing for the three finals i have this week and two more next week.
p.s. if you watch "The Bachelorette".. who is this masked guy. seriously? and bentley has GOTSTA GO!


  1. Come visit us in CA - it's ALWAYS sunny here :)

    TOMORROW you can say your wedding is NEXT MONTH!

  2. aw.. boo rainy weather! i know how you feel.. it's been rainy and gloomy a lot here, but the sun is starting to stick around.. i hope it stops by seattle too! and wow.. your wedding is next month? that's a great reason to celebrate :)

    actually- it was so sunny here yesterday that i got a little sunburn.. an absolutely absurd one.. just a tiny ring around my neck (i was wearing a tshirt)... so not cool.. so there's something to be happy about.. at least you don't have a necklace-like sunburn! booooo.

  3. Oh sadness to the rainy yucky weather! Hopefully the weather cheers up soon and you can enjoy all the fun right before your wedding (Congrats!). Just found your blog, I'm so glad! You have such cute style! Have a great week!!!

  4. If you go to Canada I'm comin with! TANYA. look up "Jeff from the Bachelorette" on google and you'll see what he looks like without a mask. Uhhhhh no comment....

  5. Love that top ^^ hope you feel a little better soon :) x

  6. nice blog! i would like to have new blogger friends! I always follow back = )

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  7. Canada is sunny! well, for today where I am anyway!

    Hope is not lost.

    Also, this reminded me of a tune.
    Everything's not lost -Coldplay

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  8. Love the top...I know exactly how you feel. You should definitely take a trip to Canada...you wouldn't want to come to Texas. It's way too darn hot! Hope all goes well for your finals...I only have 2 more weeks of school left before summer break!!

  9. I don't know about all parts of Canada right now, but it's certainly be hot and sunny in Toronto! Hope the weather is getting better for you!

  10. I am loving the outfit you are wearing.

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