here's to happiness

10 things that make Ramsey ever so happy:

1. Ice cream
2. Especially on a bad day
3. Spring days that are just cool enough but warm enough too.  Like the ones that scream "put on a sundress and have a picnic for crying out loud!!!"
4. Going on a drive in the country with my Dusty to unwind and just chat.
5. Watching movies at home.  With a fuzzy blanket and jammie pants.  Heck, we can watch Swamp people with fuzzy blankets and jammies for all I care. {Ok, well not reeeaally Dusty if you are reading this}
6. Georgia peaches.  Juicy ones, like the ones that run down your arms when you bite into them!
7. NOT having an alarm clock go off in the morning.
8. Friday nights and playing in the kitchen.  Super delicious.
9. My big hairy puppy dog who loves to go on walks.
10. Date nights with Dusty...or kind of any night with Dusty.  He's a pretty cool cat.

thanks ramsey for sending in your lovely list of "10 things that make me ever so happy". if you'd like to join in on the fun and get some blog lovin' too, become a follower and email ME (tj) at, along with an awesome picture! Happy Friday!

p.s. one of my amazing friends just launched her very first .com. check her out, because she's brilliant, talented, and beautiful! love you G!


  1. What a sweet happy list, I've been enjoying not having an alarm clock anymore as it!! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Haha....I went to read your blog and totally forgot about this list...when I saw the picture I thought it looked a bit familiar. Fridays at work do this to me. Scary.

  3. Your blog is a slice of heaven. Fah reaallzz. :) I love you, thank you so much for the support, I can't stop tearing up....


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