here's to happiness

10 things that make me ever so happy:
1. spending any and all time with mr. taylor
2. early morning cuddle sessions with teddy
3. my dear friends and family
4. river floating in the summer
5. making fire's during power outages
6. getting lovely emails, text or phone calls from old friends
7. sleeping in
8. bon fire's on the beach, making smores
9. watching new movies
10. reading the good book

what makes you terribly happy? send me an email with your list, along with a fun picture, and get some blog lovin'. email ME (tj) and remember to become a follower! Happy Friday!


  1. river floating, that sounds like the perfect summer activity.

  2. I just love walking around the lake and seeing all the geese with their fuzzy little babies following behind them. Too cute.

    Come visit my blog some time :)

  3. Cute babies, isnt spring so wonderful!!! Cute blog by the way!


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