fashion and skate parks

today is perhaps the saddest day of all time. oprah is donezo. say it ain't so! what will i do without her 'aha moments' and tear jerking guests??! good thing mr. taylor is sooo cute!! he keeps me pre-occupied with cuddle sessions and glee marathons.
the weather was pouring today, so no fun outfit pictures i'm afraid. sorry my loves, but i found some beauts for you all to enjoy. ah, green wedding shoes, you get me every time! completely obsessed with this look and location. i commend anyone who could walk in such shoes. i am super, SUPER clumsy and would probably break something in the midst. but they do make for some great art. agree??!


  1. Love the photos so inspirational !


  2. Those are gorgeous. And I would last all of point 2 seconds in those shoes on a good day.

  3. Cannot believe Oprah has ended :'(
    Amazing shoes, they're to die for <3

  4. I once saw a picture of Lady Gaga in shoes like those....she fell at the airport because they were so hard to walk in....I am not terrified to EVER try shoes on like that (if I ever came across something like that). I give this girl PROPS for pulling them off!

  5. Those shoes are beautiful! (But I'd probably break an ankle.)


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