day three

yep. this about sums up my day yesterday.
i set my alarm tuesday night to go off at 6AM. i had forgotten that wednesday was school day and that i should have set the alarm for 7AM instead. oh well. i proceeded to take advantage of my extra hour and took a nice long shower and headed down the stairs to watch the morning news about "schwarzy" and his secret love affair while chowing down on some apple cinnamon cheerios with sliced up bananas. i then looked at the time to see i now had 30 minutes to get dressed, make myself a packed lunch and head out the door to get to class early. *it is important to note that i always have to get to class 10 minutes before the hour, otherwise chair snaggers will swipe the best seat in the house. yes, it's a constant battle. continuing on with the story... i head upstairs to get dressed in my finest attire and put my face on. 50 wardrobe changes later and one messy room, i head back down the stairs only to find a little, ahem, "present" from teddy on the floor AFTER i had already made my steps. suffice to say, back in the shower for me and now 5 minutes behind schedule and still no lunch packed. of course, by this point i'm frantic and no longer feel the desire to be pretty this day. which is unfortunate to say the least because it ended up being a beautiful sun filled day. i instead settled for my usual work out pants and UW sweatshirt. hair not brushed and make-up half decent. i quickly grabbed a cheese stick, yogurt and an already made salad bowl for my lunch, grab my bag and i'm out the door. in all the commotion i had left my phone on my dresser. *i do not function well without my phone. as i turned on my car, this song was on the radio. i felt it very fitting. as i'm driving to school, apparently my car had a massive target on it, because i spent a solid five minutes dodging tiny birds. whaaa?
i end up getting to class 10 minutes late and am quickly chastised to the last chair in the room - the far, FAR back and completely isolated. curse those chair snaggers and my awesome seat. the rest of the class period entailed this: intense dagger stairs and a nice yelling from my teacher (no details needed). the rest of the day was spent chilling in the back of my other classrooms with my good friend heather, and working on homework from other classes. luckily my day got a little better when i received a g-chat from mr. taylor asking me out to dinner with his family. on my way to the restaurant i thought i would be nice and let an old man in who was waiting to pull out of a denny's. he then looked at me like i was some hooligan AND he didn't even wave thank you. R-UDE! i finally made it to the restaurant where my food was already waiting for me, thank goodness. along with that, i had a nice little surprise from the mr. who had bought me stress relief lotion. how perfect. after dinner, i headed back to my house, lotion-ed up, lit a candle and stared at my computer for hours on end doing homework. joy.
but today is a new day, and i'm back on track!

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  1. I'm sorry that this is at your expense but that is a hilarious story!! Sounds like a premiss to a movie!


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