the challenge

vogue magazine has this section:

i look at these all the time, but never apply it to my own life. mainly due to the fact that 90% of the time seattle weather is dreary, cold and windy. instead of cute outfits, i reach for the same comfy pants and sweatshirt. same hair - uncombed and down or updo (typically the messy bun). the future hubby made a comment the other day that i never dress up for him anymore. guilty. so i decided to take on this challenge. 5 days, 5 looks and 1 girl. no repeats. for all you ladies out there, i encourage you to join in on the fun. blog them and let me know, because i want to see all your cute outfits!!
happy fashion week!
*Thank goodness the weather decided to cooperate for me on this first challenge day, yay!


  1. You look wicked pretty! Can't wait to see the rest of your outfits! Lucky Eric :)

  2. You are so so gorgeous!

    And I am IN LOVE witht he ballet wedding...where do you find these photos?! They are so amazing!!


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