ballet inspired wedding

all things wedding have taken over my thoughts, what with nearly 70 days away from the big day! yippee! although my wedding is a mix of a garden/whimsical/vintage-esk theme, this ballet inspired wedding still had my jaw to the floor. growing up i danced for just over 15 years, and this photoshoot had me missing it dearly. i felt it necessary to share these beautiful images courtesy of the "Utah Bride Blog". enjoy! *P.S. I wish my hair was long enough to do this. gor...geous! 


  1. these are soooo pretty.. darn i wish i was a ballerina hehe

  2. oh my goodness! she is absolutely STUNNING

  3. I LOOOVE this idea for a wedding and totally wish I would have thought of it for mine!


  4. love that idea! i've been dancing for 7-8 years now, and i like that idea!

    love the chandelier type thing :)


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