awkward and awesome Thursdays

well here i am following the trend from the beautiful sydney. Thursdays will forever be known as "awkward and awesome" over here at mr. taylor and his lady, so get used to it :)

- a man congratulating me on my engagement before proceeding to tell me he just broke his engagement off....yeah.
-getting facebook poked by a random guy i do not know. i guess that's flattering?
- sitting in the middle of two patience. one with their nose taped up. the other with a chin wrapped. plastic surgery? am i in the right line?
- the nurse asking, "is this normal for you?" "umm, yes?" something tells me that's not a good sign. 
- wearing my transformers t-shirt. i know you all are jealous. believe it or not, i get lots of compliments on this bad boy. sadly it's usually from a crowd of guys who proceed to talk about D and D (dungeons and dragons people, duh!) 
- sitting next to someone who had the "inspector gadget" theme song as his ringtone. i'm making myself sound super nerdy.... 
- getting a spur of the moment, "i love you" text from mr. taylor.  
-movie nights with my BFF kimberly, and then later re-enacting that movie through the day in very public places. 
- getting a coupon for 20% my next hair appointment because i'm their best customer? i'll take it!
-having conversations with strangers on the street using fake accents. i wish i had a sweet accent like i pretend to have.


  1. 20% off a hair apt? dude. sign me up! and I am in absolute LOVE with your outfit, lady.supes cute

    Lovely Little Rants

  2. bahahahah I was laughing so hard reading your post
    Forever Chic,

  3. I am with Amber, I cracked up laughing reading this! TJ you are adorable! I am now in love with Awkward and Awesome Thursdays!! BEST BEST BEST!!

  4. Great the spur of the moment text from Mr. Taylor.

  5. this is freaking amazing. i love all the photos and interesting post topics! cant wait to read more!

    i just came across your blog and i think its great. i hope you will come visit my blog and maybe we can follow each other.

  6. I think thursdays are most awesome and most awkward! thanks for sharing your awesome and awkward moments.


  7. I just found out your blog!!
    It's great following you!!
    Check out mine I'd love your opinion!!

  8. Aw I love random ILY texts :) so sweet. I must be silly, I'm trying to follow but I can't find the button..


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