4 things

found this over on the soon-to-be-sister-in-law's blog and of course had to join in on the fun. feel free to join as well :)

4 current shows i watch:
1. glee
2. real housewives of orange county, new york, new jersey.....it's an obsession really.
3. how i met your mother
4. the voice
*this list could go on. apparently i watch a lot of shows. anxiously awaiting for the bachelorette to start again!!

4 things i'm passionate about:
1. my education
2. animals
3. photography
4. family / friends

4 phrases i use a lot:
1. oh, that's funny
2. ha, nice
3. sounds perfect
4. are you serious?

4 things i love to eat:
1. chinese food
2. mexican food
3. good sandwiches
4. my mom's home made carrot soup

4 movies i could watch over and over and over:
1. dumb & dumber
2. hook
3. tangled
4. 500 days of summer
*i go through fazes. once i get a new movie, i'll watch it about 50x and then forget about it. but these movies never get old

4 books i love:
1. the alchemist
2. to kill a mockingbird
3. the great gatsby 
4. the gospel
*yes, i'm one of those people that actually liked the mandatory books we had to read in junior high

4 bands i never get sick of:
1. nsync (do boy bands count?)
2. the beatles (duh!)
3. bob marley
4. nirvana (representing true seattlites!)

4 places i'd love to visit:
1. new zealand
2. norway (to see my family history)
3. london
4. germany (to visit my good friend from high school)

4 things i'm looking forward to:
1. umm, my wedding!!
2. st. maarten (for my honeymoon!)
3. graduating from college!
4. being with eric 24/7

(at disneyland, just a few hours before eric proposed!)


  1. Modern Family didn't make your top 4! Shut up! :)

    Oooh, I love Hook and Tangled and 500 Days of Summer! Good choices.

  2. Okay are you sick of my comments yet? Ha ha, I'm just reading all your posts.... Don't you worry! Okay so I am laughing so hard, the 4 phrases you use a lot? K I say all FOUR of those things like 24/7 that is hilarious!


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